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I think this topic is appropriate considering it’s my first blog post. When I saw it was 25 bookish facts about me, but I decided fifteen is enough. Anyways let’s get into it!

  1. I hate love triangles. I know I’m not the only one in this. It’s been used way too many times and it’s way too stressful for me.
  2. As far as love triangles go I’m a first guy girl. I don’t know why I just always like the first guy she falls for or meets.
  3. I don’t like contemporary romances. I love escaping into action and battle in my books and contemporaries don’t have that.
  4. I love epic fantasy and anything with action in it.
  5. I love doing book tags.
  6. I can predict my reading slumps.
  7. I love a good mystery.
  8. I like both female and male point of views.
  9. I love first person style of writing. I will read third person, but first will always be my preference.
  10. I want to become a author.
  11. I prefer paperbacks over hardbacks. I love a good floppy paperback.
  12. I don’t judge a book by its cover. ( sometimes I do)
  13. I own four books that are signed by the author.
  14. I love having a funny sidekick in my books.
  15. I don’t use bookmarks because I can always find my place and/or memorize my page.

So that’s fifteen bookish facts about me!


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